Jonea Agwa

Jonea Agwa is a not-for-profit professional with a passion for IT. She has been learning web design for the past few years and is currently learning Python. She believes that coding is a necessary skill to have and one that has the potential to pry open doors of opportunity long closed to traditionally disadvantaged groups.

She credits her resolve not to quit her coding journey to the mentors who have come alongside her. Her goal with MentorUp is to help other up-and- coming professionals in the IT field get connected to mentors who will support them in achieving their goals.

When she isn’t working or coding, Jonea enjoys talking with her friends, watching movies in run-down movie theatres, travelling, hiking, reading and dog-watching.

Jonea holds a Master’s degree in International Development and Globalization with a specialization in Women’s Studies from the University of Ottawa and an honours degree in Political Science from the University of Waterloo.

Will Hawkins

Will Hawkins is a computer scientist who studies the safety, security and reliability of software systems. In the past he has worked for a web start, a U.S. Senator, the U.S. federal government, a non-profit think tank, Mozilla, a web-developer bootcamp, and the University of Virginia. He currently works for a small research company in Charlottesville, VA.

In his free time he loves to run, read, and, especially, volunteer. He has served on non-profit boards, led an organization dedicated to those experiencing homelessness, taught English as a second language and tutored at programs that train second-career IT professionals.

His experience with his own mentors and their influence on him personally and professionally was the reason he partnered with Jonea to start MentorUp.

You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.